ASU Strategic Project Is Presented at Conference on Promising Control Systems and Tasks

Aleksey Titov, Vice-Rector for Digitalization, Innovations and Priority Projects of Astrakhan State University, has made a report on the development of maritime robotic technologies in the Caspian region.

A report on the topic “Maritime Multi-Purpose Unmanned Platform” was made within the section “Application of Sea-based Robotic Systems”.

Participants of the 17th all-Russia scientific and applied conference “Promising Control Systems and Tasks” showed a keen interest in the obtained project results and expressed their interest in participating in pilot tests of a mono-hull version of a maritime robot in various water areas — the Caspian, Black Sea — Azov and Baltic basins. Representatives of the Pacific Fleet of the Russian Navy made a proposal to conduct joint tests in the Pacific Ocean.

In addition to the report, the vice-rector for digitalization, innovations and priority projects of ASU was a member of the jury of the expert commission within the section of the youth school-seminar “Management and Processing of Engineering System Information”.