Development Program of Astrakhan State University up to 2030

Strategic Projects

Program leader

Konstantin Markelov

Rector of Astrakhan State University

Program coordinator

Elina Polyanskaya

First Vice Rector


Aleksey Titov

Leader of strategic project “Development of Marine Robotic Technologies in the Caspian Region” (“Marine robot”). Responsible for: implementation of the innovation and development commercialization policy; implementation of the open data and digital transformation policy. Vice Rector for Digitalization, Innovations & Priority Projects

Aleksey Rybakov

Leader of strategic project “Digital Platform of the North-South Transport Corridor”. Director of the Institute of Physics & Mathematics

Anna Romanova

Leader of strategic project “Development of a Societal (Integrated) Security System for the Caspian Macroregion (Greater Caspian Region)”. Director of the Institute for Southern Russia and Caspian Region Studies

Anna Fedotova

Leader of strategic project “Improving Environmental Safety and Conservation of Natural Systems of Caspian Macroregion”. Director of the Innovative Institute of Natural Sciences

Rinat Dubin

Leader of strategic project “Caspian Incubator of Agro-Bio-Technologies”. Faculty of Agribusiness, Technologies and Veterinary Medicine

Aleksandr Treshchev

Responsible for implementation of the educational policy. Vice Rector for Academic Activities

Lyudmila Baeva

Responsible for implementation of the research policy. Vice Rector for Research Activities

Farida Rekesheva

Responsible for implementation of the youth policy. Vice Rector for Extracurricular and Social Activities

Ruslan Khusainov

Responsible for implementation of the campus and infrastructure policy. Responsible for implementation of the financial policy. Vice Rector for Economic and Financial Affairs

Oleg Khotinetsky

Responsible for implementation of the HR management policy. Head of the Human Resources Policy Directorate

Angelina Fadina

Responsible for implementation of the international policy. Vice Rector for International Activities


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