Strategic Project No. 5. Caspian Incubator of Agro-Bio-Technologies

Abstract. In modern conditions, it is necessary to solve several problems of the Russian Caspian region at once: food security, import substitution and improving the quality of life of the population in the region. Currently, the Astrakhan Region provides food independence of the population of the region for vegetable and melon products, potatoes, lamb, table eggs, fish and fish products. The greatest deficit is noted in the grain, milk and fruit production. Within the framework of the Caspian Incubator of Agro-Bio-Technologies, it is important to develop innovative agricultural sector in the regional agro-industrial complex, adaptive breeding of agricultural plants and animals, develop and implement modern technological approaches to the creation of new innovative products based on the effective use of natural and climatic conditions and environmentally safe raw materials of the Caspian region. Introduction of the concept of health protection of the population in the Caspian region, including through the formation of a culture of nutrition and the culture of the consumer food market, at this stage is seen as a priority task against the background of the transformation of the ecological framework, anthropogenic load and specific climatic conditions.

The purpose of the project: Effective use of the resource potential of the Astrakhan Region in order to produce high-quality food in volumes that ensure the parameters of food independence.

The mission of the Project: Ensuring food and technological security of the Caspian macroregion, including the Astrakhan Region.

Project Objectives:

  • study of varieties of agricultural crops of various geographical origin in order to create a collection of donors for subsequent adaptive breeding;
  • creation of new varieties of agricultural crops with specified technological parameters;
  • creation and implementation of digital solutions, including the use of robotics and artificial intelligence systems to identify problem areas in agricultural fields and greenhouses;
  • obtaining highly productive farm animals adapted to arid climatic conditions, consistent improvement of economic indicators of bred cattle, sheep, goats, horses and camels through the introduction of advanced technologies;
  • development and implementation of modern technological approaches to the creation of innovative food products based on the effective use of natural and climatic conditions and environmentally safe raw materials of the Russian part of the Caspian Sea;
  • development of alternative and low-cost sources of protein components for feeding-staff in aquaculture, taking into account the regional raw material base; creation of a new generation of algicides to suppress growth of microalgae and cyanobacteria that cause toxic water bloom; invention of complex biological additives based on aquatic macrophytes and microalgae in feeding-staff to reduce the development of diseases of aquatic organisms, using physico-chemical and genetic methods for assessing the quality of aquaculture products.

The scientific potential has been developing over the last 20 years by the efforts of universities and scientific institutions in Astrakhan and the Astrakhan Region. All developments are aimed at innovation-driven growth of the regional agro-industrial complex and solving the problem of food security.

The results of the project results in a concept for the formation of a safe food space, taking into account the contribution of modern agrobiotechnologies, digitalization of agriculture and processing industry.

Project Team

Dubin Rinat

Leader of strategic project "Caspian Incubator of Agro-Bio-Technologies". Dean of the Faculty of Agribusiness, Technologies and Veterinary Medicine