Strategic project No. 2 “Digital Platform for the International North-South Transport Corridor”

Description of the strategic project. Globalization of cargo flows, development of the world economy and international commodity exchange require complex schemes for cargo delivery and cost optimization in transportation and storage of goods. The solution to one of the most acute and large-scale problems of increasing the transit potential of Russia, the development and optimization of competitive digital logistics systems and technologies, the creation of a digital and virtual seaport based on the development and implementation of “end-to-end” digital technologies in the logistics processes of ITC “North-South” is proposed.  It is planned to create a digital logistics platform as a tool for the effective development of the North-South ITC, improve the quality of service for consumers of logistics services, integration into global logistics systems, the formation of a digital twin transport corridor (a dynamic mathematical model that allows predicting scenarios of development of the transport corridor in the “Big Caspian” logistics and individual territories, logistics routes). Description of the strategic project in the Appendix to the section.

Purpose of the strategic project. Implementation of digital technologies for managing the transport and logistics ecosystem of the North-South ITC. Using end-to-end technologies (Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, digital twins, etc.) to create completely new logistics embedded in the system of international transportation.

Objectives of the strategic project

 Data collection based on Big Data technology and development of a digital twin model of the transport corridor (2021-2022);

 Development of the North-South ITC digital logistics platform, creation of the network infrastructure of the world-class logistics services market in cyberspace; building a digital model of customer service; virtual network optimization at the level of: brand companies and seaports; Internet logistics systems for the presentation of individual package services; creation of a digital and virtual seaport (2022-2023);

 Testing of a digital logistics platform. Verification of the relevance of intra-system communications (2024);

 Testing and implementation of digital logistics platform, sub-models container terminal, digital port (2024-2025);

 Research support of projects for the creation of colivings for employees of SEPZ Olya in order to implement the task of building the infrastructure of the  special economic port zone in Astrakhan region (2022-2025).

Expected results of the strategic project

 implementation of the digital logistics platform of the North-South transport corridor and sub-models “Container Terminal” and “Digital Port”;

– provision of scaling of the digital platform of logistics activities at the enterprises “Special Economic Zone “Lotos” – 12 units, at the unified operator of North-South ITC, forwarding companies of the consolidated port “Astrakhan” – 8 units.

 improving the performance of SEPZ resident companies and customer satisfaction with the logistics services of the North-South Corridor;

 increase of cargo flow through the transport corridor up to 30 million tons; saving up to 60% of the time of cargo in transit (compared with the sea route through the Suez Canal, saving time – from 37 days to 15 days):

 increasing Russia’s transit potential;

 – development and implementation of new innovative practice-oriented EPs in the field of digitalization of logistics activities;

 creation of EPs at the request of SEZ “Lotos”/SEPZ Olya (training of 400 specialists): at the level of higher education – Management “Strategic management of port logistics”, “Logistics and supply chain management”, “Information systems and technologies”, Ecology “Port ecologist”; at the level of vocational training – “Cross – logistics operator” (144 hours), “Digital logistics” (72 hours), “Supply chain management in conditions of digitalization”.

 creation of the project office “Smart Logistic” under the scientific leadership of leading professors and experts in the field of transport logistics, with the participation of young specialists of POEZ Olya, undergraduates and graduate students.

 preparation of 4 RIAs with legal protection abroad (international patents), 5 scientific publications in Q1 and Q2journals, defense of 3 dissertations for a doctoral degree.