Strategic Project No.3: “Development of a Societal (Integrated) Security System for the Caspian Macroregion (Greater Caspian Region)”

Description of the strategic project

From the perspective of European security, the Caspian region is a part of an “arc of vulnerability”, a conflict zone covering the Black Sea, Mediterranean, North Caucasus, Transcaucasia, Central and Middle Asia where meet the geopolitical interests of Russia and other countries. Our country is gradually being forced out of this region. The Caspian Sea region is important not only in terms of resource wealth, but also as a zone for the creation and formation of a single economic, political and cultural system. The project aims to increase the economic power and international influence of Russia in the Caspian Sea region by creating a common scientific and educational space, to develop innovative technologies and solutions contributing to social and political stability, preservation of ethnic and religious identity of the multicultural environment, sustainable economic development and environmental safety and security of the Caspian Macroregion information space[1]. The implementation of the project is possible by combining the potential of different faculties of the university – cultural specialists, philosophers, political scientists, sociologists, ecologists, economists, mathematicians, computer scientists with the involvement of consortium partners. A detailed description of the strategic project is provided in Appendix to the section.

Purpose of the strategic project

Establishment of a center for strategic analysis and mathematical forecasting of possible problematic situations, risks and threats to military, state, national, cultural, confessional, social, geopolitical, economic and environmental security in the Greater Caspian Region.

  • Objectives of the strategic project
  • Formation and further development of the scientific direction “Integrated research of the Greater Caspian region issues” based on theoretical concept of societal security in relation to the Caspian macroregion.
  • Development of an algorithm for mathematical analysis of statistical data in order to generate the variable scenarios of development of the Caspian macroregion.
  • Creation of a set of new EPs, including network EPs, as well as flexible educational paths in vocational education, bachelor’s and master’s degree programs, and additional EPs for the formation of competencies of the integrated security.
  • Formation of a sustainable positive population attitude to the national and regional history and culture, cultural heritage, cultural identity in order to engrave in the collective memory of the younger generation the foundations of patriotism, competent and tolerant intercultural communication.

Expected results of the strategic project

  • Creation on the basis of ASU of a center of strategic analysis and mathematical forecasting of possible problems, risks and threats to the security[2] of the Greater Caspian region.
  • Development of a scientific school in the field of studying integrated security of the Caspian macroregion, with the possibility of extrapolation of the research to other multinational regions.
  • An integrated (societal) security model for the Caspian Sea macroregion, which takes into account a set of social and cultural issues and risks as well as the specifics of the information space, covering not only the interests of the South of Russia, but also the first and second line foreign countries.
  • A scientific and educational multilingual and multidisciplinary online platform in the field of Caspian Sea region security which will be a systematized, replenished database that will perform an educational function to promote the history of the region and cultural heritage, build an intercultural dialogue (including among the youth).
  • A software package to identify and predict issue areas with data sharing functionality and access restriction mode for different user groups.
  • A complex of new EPs created on the basis of the obtained scientific results[3].
  • Determination of the efficient development vectors of the region on the basis of predictive simulation modeling, recommendations in the field of operational managerial and political decisions under various scenarios of the region development.

[1] The Edict of the President of the Russian Federation of 02.07.2021 “On national security strategy”

[2] Military, state, national, cultural, confessional, social, geopolitical, economic, ecological.

[3] Vocation EPs:  “Specialist in the field of environmental safety of natural complexes”, bachelor’s degree – “Specialist in overcoming systemic environmental disasters”, “Architect of ecosystem restoration”, master’s degree – Master in security, crises and emergency management, master’s degree in legal regulation of national security, prevention of xenophobia, extremism and terrorism in multinational regions for the businesses (Intercultural and Business Communication in the Caspian Region “).